Handcrafted Artisan Robots, Electronics, and Props

Star Trash Electronics is a one man company (It's just Wade. It's always been Wade.) that makes unique electronic musical instruments, robots, and mechanical cosplay props (occasionally incorporating electronic light and sound, as well as animatronic features). Kind of weird - like, as a human being, but also a company - kind of in that good way where something interesting happens that could have been dangerous, but nobody got hurt, and we're all happier for it. My work is for hire. You can contact me and describe what you'd like to see exist, and I'll give you a quote for how much it would cost you to have me bend reality just enough to make it happen.

What I Do

I make things. Like, a lot of things, with a lot of different materials, that require a wide and varied set of skills to do well. I understand and use a wide variety of materials and mediums to produce some pretty fantastic things. I know exactly how vague this sounds, but the list I wrote earlier was too long and it really sounded like bragging. I'm not a braggart, it felt wrong, so I'm gonna hit the high points. I can:

  • Can Code: With Python and Arduino, as well as many others as needed
  • Can Build: With any material that capital will allow me to touch
  • Can Bullsh*t: My way through making an Android App when necessary
  • Can Share: All of my code is completely open source because I'd rather leave it in the hands of a community that is on average smarter than me and can do something with it when I die
  • Can Grow: I like plants and do quite a bit to keep them in good shape, so If you'd like to hear me talk for an hour, ask me about Aquaponics
  • Can Art: In a variety of mediums. Best with Acrylics on EVA foam.
  • Can Hear: Though not well and you're gonna have to speak up, or maybe just write it down, that would totally be easier for both of us
  • Can Explain: I swear I didn't do the bad thing, it's not what it looks like, if you'd let me just talk I swear I can clear up this misunderstanding

Things I've made

I only recently began documenting the things that I've spent my life making, so this section is really thin at the moment. There are many more. There will be many more.

Demon Vi Gauntlets

Highly articulated oversized gauntlets with lights. Made of Eva Foam, Wood, Resin, Metal, and gumption.